A mansard loft conversion is the premium home improvement for increasing space in an elegant Clapham home. Mansard roof refurbishments gracefully embellish Clapham’s Queen Ann, Georgian and Victorian houses.

Take a walk around Clapham. See for yourself how many Clapham homes have been enhanced by a mansard roof extension.

A mansard looks like a top floor that has always been part of the house. Not a haphazard add on.

Why choose a mansard roof extension?

  • Detached house
  • Semi
  • Terraced home
  • Bungalow or chalet
  • Stylish and spacious attic refurbishment

What is a mansard extension?

A mansard is the most polished roof refurbishment possible. It’s the most aesthetically pleasing solution to expanding living space. Clapham Lofts replace either 1 or 2 of your roof’s slopes with a brand new structure. A mansard gives you almost vertical straight walls and a flat ceiling.

Almost vertical walls? Yes, the walls of a mansard slope in very slightly at 72 degrees. Why? Walls built at 72 degrees are classified as a roof – not a wall, by local authorities. Transforming a roof slope into an almost vertical wall gives you the most space possible.

Mansards are usually finished with attractive dormer windows.

Like anything worth having in life you pay a bit extra for a mansard, but get a whole lot more. A mansard requires a significant amount of building work. Planning permission is required but Clapham Lofts will obtain it for you.

Why is it called a mansard? This style of roof extension is named after the 17thcentury French architect, Francois Mansart. Mansart was renowned for his elegant and refined creations.

Why Clapham home owners love a mansard:

  • Stylish attic remodel for elegant homes
  • Gain optimum amount of footage across a roof area
  • Furnish as you like – no awkward nooks and crannies
  • Versatile top floor
  • Improved level of comfort and space
  • Choice of finishes available

A mansard roof refurbishment is perfect for:

This is the most versatile style of attic extension. You gain an extra floor; not merely a room. The sky is the limit in how you use your new top floor.

  • A self contained flat
  • Extra bedrooms plus a roomy bathroom
  • A spacious lounge
  • A home spa and gym
  • A movie theatre and games room

Growing family, elderly parents, kids who won’t move out? A mansard lets you accommodate your loved ones without leaving the Clapham home you love.

A mansard extension constructed by Clapham Lofts will provide all the extra space your family needs…. and more. Imagine what you could do with a whole extra floor of practical rooms. A mansard is the most cost effective way to extend your Clapham house. It will improve your family’s home and increase the selling price of your property. Clapham Lofts are the local experts in mansard loft conversions.

Free consultation and quote

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