Is your Clapham home a detached house, a semi-detached or an end terrace? If so you may be under the impression that your house can’t have a loft conversion. Wrong.

Most detached, semis and end terrace houses have hip roofs. A hip roof consists of three downward sloping sides. Many people believe that properties with hip roofs can’t accommodate a roof extension. A hip-to-gable attic refurbishment is the perfect solution for properties with hip roofs. It enables you to utilise wasted attic space.

Most chalets can also gain extra living space with a hip-to-gable roof refurbishment. Bungalows can acquire an upstairs too.

Clapham Lofts are your local experts in hip-to-gable roof extensions.

Why choose a hip-to-Gable roof extension?

  • Detached house
  • Semi detached
  • End terrace
  • Bungalow
  • Chalet
  • Difficult roof
  • Planning permission is not usually necessary

What is a hip-to-gable extension?

A hip roof has 3 sloping sides. These downward sloping sides are called hips. In a hip-to-gable roof refurbishment one (or more) of these sloping sides is transformed into a vertical wall better known as a gable. In a hip-to-gable roof refurbishment we literally replace one of your roof’s slanting sides with a straight wall.

Detached houses can usually accommodate double hip-to-gable extensions. To construct a double hip-to-gable; we replace two of your roof’s sloping sides with straight walls (gables). You gain double the space and benefits.

A hip-to-gable extension does cost a little more than a dormer. It’s a specialised home improvement. It requires more expertise and greater construction. Isn’t your Clapham home worth it? Don’t forget that moving home would set you back around £10,000 in fees and removal costs alone.

Why Clapham home owners love a hip-to-gable:

  • Gain maximum space
  • Extra head space
  • Can accommodate bigger furniture
  • Accommodates an almost seamless staircase
  • Large practical living area
  • Appears like part of the original house rather than an add on
  • Choice of finishes to match your house

A hip-to-gable conversion is perfect for:

  • Master bedroom with attached bathroom
  • Extra living room
  • Library
  • Office
  • Additional bathroom
  • Home cinema
  • Hobby room
  • Spare bedroom
  • Bedsit

A hip-to-gable loft extension gives your family the extra space it craves. More and more Clapham home owners are choosing to stay in their elegant homes and make use of the space in their roofs. By transforming a dark attic into a practical room you will save around £10,000 in moving costs and drastically increase the selling price of your house.

A hip-to gable roof refurbishment brings new space to most homes with ‘difficult roofs’. If your Clapham home is a Georgian house or a Victorian end terrace; Clapham Lofts can transform your roof into valuable living space.

Why move away from Clapham? Why sacrifice Clapham Common, the historic old town, excellent transport links and great schools? Won’t you miss Clapham’s trendy bars, restaurants, and Vivienne Westwood?

Clapham Lofts are your local hip-to-gable attic transformation specialists.

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