Savvy Clapham home owners are using their heads and the space above it. Moving house in Clapham will set you back around £10,000. It makes sense to stay in the home you love and simply create an extra room or two in your attic. Around 30% of the average UK’s home space sits idle under the roof. What a waste.

A roof extension is the number one value for money home improvement. Turning your wasted attic space into functional rooms can increases your home’s value by around a fifth. Many Clapham home owners opt for a dormer attic refurbishment.

Why choose a dormer?

  • You have limited loft space
  • Want plenty of light
  • Are on a limited budget
  • Need versatile space
  • Want the maximum amount of extra space
  • Desire vertical walls

Almost any house can accommodate a dormer attic extension

What is a Dormer Loft Conversion?

Take a wander around Clapham and you will come across lots of homes with dormer roof extensions. A dormer roof construction blends into the house. It can be hard to spot the cute, cube type structures projecting from many Clapham roofs.

A dormer may look small from the street but it brings an amazing amount of extra space to any home. A dormer gives you the maximum possible amount of new space. The space created by a dormer is ideal for many purposes due to its vertical walls and flat ceiling. Generally a dormer extension becomes the largest room in the house.

A dormer looks and feels more like an everyday room than an attic. It is incredibly light and airy. The right choice of windows encourages light to flood in. Why not fit a skylight and fall asleep as you gaze at the stars?

Why Clapham home owners love a dormer:

  • Practical and pocket friendly
  • Excellent value for money
  • Straight vertical walls and plenty of head space
  • No planning permission necessary
  • Largest amount of additional floor space
  • A style of dormer to suit any property
  • Fast completion
  • Less construction work than other types of roof extension

A Dormer attic extension is the perfect spot for your:

  • Ensuite
  • bedroom
  • Nursery
  • Extra bathroom
  • Spare bedroom
  • Play room
  • Office
  • Games room
  • Chill-out zone
  • Kitchen
  • Gym
  • Hobby room

Grown up kids get a home of their own

The high cost of housing prevents many youngsters from leaving home. An attic refurbishment is the budget solution to giving your kids a place of their own. In return you get the peace and privacy you yearn for.

Rake in some rental income

Clapham is a sought after district with a high demand for rental properties. A dormer extension can give you enough space to create a studio flat. Imagine raking in around £1000 a month in rent.

Clapham Lofts are your local experts in dormer roof refurbishments. We have transformed hundreds of dusty attics into highly functional rooms for Clapham families. Our dormer extensions look great from every angle.

Our dormer roof extensions come with a 10 year warranty

Dormer not right for you? view the rest of our gallery here. Want to sit down with an expert? simply get in touch with us on 0800 123 4567 for your free consultation.